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Tactics without Strategy?


We know that the survival and success of your organization depends on getting well-paid customers who always buy from you.

However, there is a significant percentage of business owners, who do not have high knowledge in sales or advertising. At the same time, they have mastered their craft and are excellent at what they can do. Attracting clients and getting paid well could be an entirely different skill set that you want to master but aren’t quite ready for.

That is why we have developed a strategy that allows service companies and sellers to offer properties to clients who pay more …

We help you from defining your Buyer Persona Knowing your target audience, their strengths and weaknesses.

Adjust your strategy according to its characteristics, to obtain better results.

Define the Industries or Niches Know the type of industry where your target audience interested in the services or products of your company is managed.

Plan and create a Value Proposition A commercial or marketing statement that your company will use to summarize why your product or service is useful to your Buyer Persona.

Designing Entry Demo Offers To help your potential clients schedule sales or promotion appointments for your products and/or services.

We create and plan Website Optimization Wireframes. This allows the conversion of cold sales targets.

Optimize your company's sales funnel and segmentation strategy

Useful business case models are created to use as a brand reference.

We write and create Email Scripts Personalized messages for connections via Linkedin or direct emails to your Buyer Persona.

Planning a Content Strategy adapting style and medium to use.

We write Articles for Blogs, with relevant content related to the services and/or products of the brand, and Lead Magnets proposal for the growth of data and contacts for the company.

And managing to create massive Email Campaigns that will serve for the Lead nurturing of the company

Until you achieve a Remarketing Strategy An important step in the sales and marketing processes.

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