Cold Outreach

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Don’t send spam!

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Fill your meetings agenda with sales qualified leads

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A well structured value proposition in a cold sales campaign through emails and LinkedIn can generate up to 15 meetings in 4 weeks.

Do you want more sales?

It's not just sending emails and connections on LinkedIn, it's saying what your leads want to hear

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A well structured
value proposition
in a cold sales campaign through emails and LinkedIn can
generate up to 15 meetings
in 4 weeks.

These are our three approaches

Lead Research

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No need to spend a fortune on purchasing demographic and technographic data from companies like ZoomInfo, Apollo, or Lusha. Through a one-hour B2B sales strategy call, we’ll determine your ideal customer profile and create a targeted list using the criteria you gave us for the campaign.


Cold outreach

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If you’re working with a limited budget and can’t afford to hire a sales representative or business development representative, we’ve got a solution for you. We can help you achieve your sales-qualified leads (SQLs) targets every month reliably, all while maintaining a good domain reputation and avoiding spammy techniques.


Appointment Setting

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Forget about your no-show rate constantly increasing. Our approach leverages the power of personalization to foster relationships with your ideal customer profile and secure appointments exclusively with individuals who have expressed genuine interest.

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Our customers

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Let’s talk about the investment!

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Start Up






Each of our plans runs in a 1-month cycle and comes with a money-back guarantee if a minimum of meetings is not met, or we will keep working until we get the meetings without extra payment. The guarantee, depends on the industry, company size and buyer persona that we are reaching out to, that’s what we need to evaluate before committing.

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How does the process work?

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You choose a subscription and pay

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Fill out a strategy form

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You approve the scripts

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Group 1

We’ll set up and launch your campaign

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The monthly guarantee, and 30 days payment count down
starts after we launch the first campaign


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1. You choose the plan that suits you best.

2. After checking out, you will receive an email within a few minutes. This email contains information on how to join our Basecamp.

3. After joining Basecamp, you will receive a message about how we’ll kick off.

4. We start working, and you get regular reports on campaign performance.

It depends on the plan you chose.

But one thing you can be sure of: we don’t charge you per cold email sent — in fact, we don’t believe in vanity metrics.

You pay depending on the number of meetings or appointments we put on your calendar 📅

We take pride in offering stellar service. But sometimes, it might happen that we miss our goal.

In that case, we’ll work until we fulfill our part of the deal. And if we fail, we’ll give you your money back!

No contract.

We are a subscription-based service. You can stop using our lead generation service whenever you want.

It’s hard to say, but from the moment you subscribe to a plan, we have 30 days to deliver the number of B2B leads, SQLs, or meetings you sign up for.

So, it can happen that we hit your quota within the first week or in the 4th week. In any case, we have a month to make it happen.

As soon as you subscribe to a plan, we’ll automatically add you to a Basecamp project. We start working the same day or the next, depending on how fast you provide us with the information we request.

Have any questions?

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