Marketing Strategy

Don’t improvise the next step of your business.

Get a 180-day go-to-market plan tailored per niche, service, and decision-maker that sets you apart from your competitors

“The market is so crowded that if you sell generic offerings for everyone, you will become relevant to no one.

Use a scientific approach to validate channels, niches, value propositions, and ideal customers before you scale your budget, so you can invest safely.”.

Learn how to do it yourself!

Are referrals still your main sales channel?

Are you struggling to get a consistent sales pipeline?

Are your leads clear about why they should choose you over your competitors?

Are you tired of B2C agencies and marketing professionals that don't deliver results in B2B?

Doing marketing in the B2B space is challenging because people don't buy on impulse.

They require an education process.

There is a buying committee that makes the decision.

You have to consider the different phases of the customer’s purchase.

Build an automated marketing system that produces predictable revenue.

Understand the different market niches

Create specific value offers by service, niche and buyer persona.

Put the right message at the right time for your customers.

The key to filling your sales pipeline is to create personalized selling propositions per niche and buyer persona.

Your marketing plan will be a fully customized market study presented in a 50-80 page Google Slides deck, with highly relevant information specifically tailored to your business needs.

This is our approach:

Industry & Buyer Persona definition

We create the value proposition canvas that includes buyer personas, tasks, pain points, objectives, and buyer journey.
3 buyer personas per industry.

Competitor’s Analysis

We analyze two competitors similar to your business and one competitor that focuses on each selected industry.

Value proposition and irresistible offer design

We create 2 value propositions for each buyer persona per industry.

Website conversion optimization with value propositions

We analyze your current website and provide clear instructions for improvement, including suggestions on copy, CTAs, and even wireframes.

Funnels design

We design two funnels: one filled with paid advertising and the other with email marketing, LinkedIn outreach, and lead nurturing campaigns.

Email strategy

We create the scripts for the cold sales funnel + all the email sequences for lead nurturing campaigns

SEO and content strategy

We create a sequence of articles for your website with content that reflects the buying intent of your buyer personas and aligns with their interests.

160 Days roadmap and action plan

We provide you with clear instructions to execute your strategy, this in a period of time from 6 months to 1 year (depending on the service you paid for).

Let’s talk about the investment!

All our plans have the same structure; the difference lies in the number of target industries we work with.

This is because we conduct a market study for each industry, and each value proposition is specifically tailored to the decision-makers relevant to you in each industry.


2 Target Industries

1500 USD


Start Up

4 Target Industries

2500 USD


  • Review meeting after having analyzed competitors and value propositions. (allows extra revisions)


6 Target Industries

3500 USD


  • Review meeting after having analyzed competitors and value propositions. (allows extra revisions)
  • Wireframes with information architecture optimized for conversions provided for all the page types of your website

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