Sales Funnels and Ads Management

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Create an automated sales system that brings leads consistently to your pipeline

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With sales funnels and nurturing campaigns, you will be able to target the right audience at the right time in their sales cycle.

Do you want to know how?

Webinars to raise awareness and educate your audience

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Position yourself as an expert in the market.

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We provide clear instructions for webinar content, including presentation design and structure.

We create the necessary integrations to align the webinar registrations with the webinar platform.

We create the event on your LinkedIn profile and manage the invitation campaigns, both LinkedIn and Email Marketing.

We launched ad campaigns promoting the webinar.

You will get 20 to 100 attendees for your monthly webinars, based on your industry and product or service.

Nurturing campaigns to warm up the leads

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Deliver the right content at the right time to your potential customers.

1st. Plan the content your target audience needs at each stage of the sales process, creating for them guides, books, and training videos.

2nd. Create the landing pages in which we position your lead magnets forms.

3rd. Create content pieces for your ad campaign looking for registrations for your lead magnets.

4th. Email + follow-up sequences promoting the valuable content to your customers and looking to schedule a meeting.

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Qualifying all your leads with quality content, during each stage of the sales process.

Irresistible Offer Funnel to Close the Deals

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Qualify your potential customers in a massive and direct way.

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This funnel consists of building 1 value proposition directed towards the specific pains of a target industry.

That value proposition is tested in multiple pieces of content in Facebook ads (Video, Image, Carousel) and cold emailing + LinkedIn outreach.

The intention is to drive traffic to a landing page where there is a video with an exclusive mini-training for those people where they will learn how to solve that specific pain with our solutions.

The video is conducted with a perspective of providing value, but with a call to action at the end of that invites them to schedule a meeting with you (or your sales team) (free consulting with a customized action plan).

The power of video marketing.

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For the execution of this funnel, take full advantage of the capabilities of video marketing.


The message get across in a clear and engaging way

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The clients feel that you personally talk to them

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The audience perceives you as an industry expert

This funnel can be executed with a video made with Artificial Intelligence in case you do not want to participate in front of the camera (to record the personal video of the training, and of the ads). We will provide the structure of the videos for you.

So you will get 10 – 20 meetings monthly with highly qualified leads and have high levels of interest in your solution.
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Our customers

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Let’s talk about the investment!

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All our plans have the same structure; the difference lies in the number of target industries we work with.

This is because we conduct a market study for each industry, and each value proposition is specifically tailored to the decision-makers relevant to you in each industry.


980 USD


  • Minimun Ads budget Latam $500 (USD)
  • USA/ Europe /UK Ads budget $1500 (USD)
  •  Gurantee: if we don’t get at least 20 people to register in the month the management fee is free

Nurturing Campaing

980 USD


  • Ads budget $200 optional
  • The remarketing campaigns are optional, but recommended

Irresistible Offer Funnel

2150 USD


  • Ads budget $1000 minimum

Have any questions?

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