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Get traffic from people highly interested in your services.

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Position your website among the first results in Google using a cluster topic strategy

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SEO is not magic, you just need the right strategy and consistent work to get lasting results.

Let us show you how to do it!


Let’s define a service page as a content pillar

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Based on that service page, we identify keywords that relate to the topic related to the service

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We create a content plan based on each stage of your customers’ buying cycle.

But, what are cluster topics?

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The cluster topic model is a strategy that consist to structure a website’s pages using an architecture that allows for reduced cannibalisation (many pages competing for the same keyword), while simultaneously ensuring semantic relevance across a wide range of content kinds.

The cluster topic model is depicted below:

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Create content based on users search intent

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According to each stage of the sales funnel.



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These type of searches are top of the funnel. and the user is starting to research and is learning about the topic

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At this point the user is in the middle of the funnels looking to understand options and the solutions.



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The user got to the bottom of the funnel and is comparing providers, prices, and quality of the solutions.

Here an example of a cluster topic

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Get backlinks to increase domain authority

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Why backlinks are important?


Any time a backlink occurs, especially one of high domain authority, it’s like a website gets “a vote” in favour of it. The more votes you receive from authoritative sites, the greater the favourable impact 

on a site’s SEO (rankings and search visibility)

Domain authority
between 0 - 9 =
Very Low
Domain authority
between 10 - 19 =
Domain authority
between 20 - 29 =
Domain authority
between 30 - 39 =
Medium High
Domain authority
between 40 - 50 and more =
Domain authority
between 60 and 100 =
Very High
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Our customers

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Let’s talk about the investment!

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$980 USD


+ $500 one time setup

Start Up

$1430 USD


+ $500 one time setup


$2240 USD


+ $500 one time setup

SEO Setup $500 one time

TASK Founder Start up Business
Content plan
SEO Tool setup
Google analytics setup
Google search console setup
XML sitemap setup
XML sitemap submission
Robot.txt setup and optimization
SSL certification check
Monthly report setup & schedule
Competitor research
Bing webmaster setup
Schema setup: Authorship, meta, data, rich snippet.

Do you want to get quality traffic to your website?

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What do you do? (and what you don't)

We choose topics based on thorough content analytics, and accordingly select topics that have proven to resonate and drive engagements with your target audience.

Based on content analytics, we choose topics that have proven to resonate and drive engagements with your target audience – but we’re always glad to receive your input.

Our content is created by humans, who are all high-quality writers with extensive understand of, and experience in, financial marketing.

Why Content?​

By addressing the needs of the consumers and adding value through genuinely useful information, insights, and advice. Content marketing is ideally suited to the challenges faced by financial marketers, such as differentiating your brand in a crowded marketplace, proving that you’re consumer-centric, and most importantly, building consumer trust and a positive perception of your brand.

Content marketing is an impactful and cost-effective strategy that helps to raise brand visibility, enhance the customer experience, and generate qualified leads – all without the abrasiveness of a direct sales message.

We create original blogs, that can then be repurposed as social media, video, or e-book content

Service related?

In most cases, it takes at least 4-6 months to notice a major impact in traffic, rankings, engagement, and conversion rates, which is why we recommend selecting at least of 4 months of content.

We create original blogs, that can then be repurposed as social media, video, or e-book content, and yes! Is totally yours.

A robust, integrated, and consistent content program is necessary to drive results, which is why we do not provide single pieces of content, which individually and ad-hoc cannot optimize the powerful benefits of content marketing.

Yes ! We aim to integrate your brand identity and assets across your content, wherever appropriate and possible.

In 4-6 months, you should notice a major improvement in website traffic, a jump in your Google rankings, increased engagement on your social media posts. You’ll also see a higher number of leads and increased conversion across all digital channels.

We accept paypal and all major credit cards.

You will be charged on a month by month basis, and can easily cancel your subscription at any time.